Interactive Logbook is an integrated Personal Learning Environment (PLE) for use in both formal and informal settings. The metaphor of a multimedia logbook describes its functionality and simplicity.
The PLE brings together all the tools and networked resources required by the learner. Running on the learner’s PC it helps the user to plan, manage, track and review their learning activity. The Logbook is essentially a shell application with plug in support for any local or networked tool. Example plug-ins include: word processor; email client; virtual learning environment (VLE); internet messaging; weblog aggregator.
The system keeps a record of the user's activities, which the student can then review as a personal learning diary, or revise and present as a portfolio of achievement, where evidence of learning can be mapped to a Personal Development Plan (PDP).
For the mobile learner, three features are key: offline access to online resources when out of network range; Tablet PC enhancements for note-taking; a mobile phone client for when access to a PC is impossible or inappropriate.
The phone client is a ‘helper’ application, allowing the user to continue making log entries wherever they are, whilst accessing a subset of the networked resources such as email, calendar and news feeds.